Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crank 3 Movie in 3D

Crank 2 is on its way to rock the box office, and Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylorare already planningt Crank 3. They even told to Collider that the movie Crank 3 was probably going to be filmed in 3D.

CRANK 3, a 3D movie!The two directors are indeed tempted to employ the new technology in order to provide us with an even more crazy and entertaining Crank 3 film.

It's quite obvious that Actor Jason Statham would reprise his role as crazy hitman Jason Statham in a Crank 3 movie: the Crank movie series is so much fun for him!

Jason Statham and Amy Smart back for Crank 3 Actress Amy Smart is also likely to come back for Crank 3. She hinted at Crank 3 during an interview with Io9:

"I know definitely that they are talking about a third film but I have no idea what the story would be."

Actress Amy Smart

No release date yeat for Crank 3 though. But if luckywe may get it in 2011.

In the first Crank, Jason Statham was given a cocktail of drugs that required him to engage in adrenaline-fueled activities in order to survive. In the second, Crank High Voltage, he has to stay charged for his artificial heart to keep pumping. So what do you think Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) will have to do in Crank 3 in order to stay alive? And do you think that he will have to make love in public again in the movie Crank 3?